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After 100 years of establishing the Jordan Hejaz Railway which is considered one of the oldest monuments associated with the history of modern Jordan, as this association dates back to the history of the Great Arab Revolt, therefore, there have been instructions by the general administration of the railway to establish a special museum for this Corporation.


Hence, an area estimated at 130 square meters was allocated for this project inside the campus of the Amman station. Work in establishing the Museum started in 1999, and in 2003 it included more than 250 items consisted of murals that depicted the development phases of trains starting with the first steam locomotives designed by British inventor “Stephen”, reaching to modern designs, as well as displaying photos of members of the Hashemite family and the ancestry of HM King Abdullah II.


From another part, the Museum included items that were used or still being used in keeping trains in operation. Moreover, the Museum contains a sand model that displays the stations and the route of trains starting from the Syrian borders to Maan station.


To preserve the legacy of the Hejaz Railway, the Corporation’s administration archives historic documents and correspondences that are related to the Hejaz Railway to remain a historic asset for all those who are interested and for knowledge seekers in the field of rail transport.

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