Hejaz Railway Corporation Receives Minister of Transport Dr. Lina Shabib
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Experts in the field of transport have evaluated priorities and current and future projects for the transport sector of its entire pattern to contribute in finding alternatives, solutions and most significant challenges that encounter it.


This was conducted during the second brainstorming session which the Ministry of Transport held yesterday at the premises of the Jordan Hejaz Railway Corporation under the patronage of Minister of Transport Dr. Lina Shabib.


The Minister said that the commitment to hold these technical sessions help develop ideas and concentrate on priorities that the sector needs, mainly after the latest developments that occurred in the sector in the last period of time and working to set up the appropriate solutions, and to formulate them as potential projects that receive technical and financial support from international related institutions.


The participants discussed a number of suggestions that will boost and develop the level of the sector including setting up a rescue plan for the Aqaba railway, rehabilitating the Jordan Hejaz Railway route, a mechanism to initiate a formula that provides technical support and builds capacity of the Jordan Metrological Department, working also on rehabilitating the Amman Civil Airport, studying the possibility of finding headquarters to aviation academies, focusing on road maintenance because of their operational costs and the safety of transporting goods.


In addition, they also discussed the mechanism of establishing transport police and the use of smart transport systems, reconstructing the sector, setting up a clear road map, establishing a national strategy for the management of public transport including options of operation between public and private sectors, basics of the required financing, monitoring process, qualification of workers, training and qualification of cadres in the field of marine transport, in addition to introducing the marine transport law and to be activated on the ground.


The attendees seek to develop a comprehensive perspective of all government decisions that are related to transport sector and its overlapping with other sectors including tourism, industry and logistic services, and to establish a promotional plan for it at all levels including decision makers, legislators, workers in the sector and citizens.


The session was attended by the transport’s national advisory team and representatives of the transport sector whether institutions and entities that are affiliate of the Ministry of Transport in addition to representatives of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the Greater Amman Municipality and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.


Sun, 10/06/2013

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