Current Network

The Hejaz Railway extends from the Jaber Station (Jordanian-Syrian borders) to the Al-Modawwarah (Jordanian Saudi borders) in a total distance that is estimated at 451.5 km while the width of the railway’s campus is 30 meters except the stations where the width of the railway’s campus becomes 100 meters and the length is 500 meters.

The length of the Hejaz Railway in the Syrian territories is estimated at 138.5 km starting from Damascus station to the Jordanian borders and from there to the Al-Mafraq station passing through the Al Kherbah Al Samrah station then the Al-Zarqa station reaching to the Al-Mahattah center in Amman.


The railway extends south from Amman station to Umm Al Hairan Palace station then to Al Lobban, then to Al-Jeezah passing through Dab’aa station them to Swaqa then to Al- Qatraneh then back home.


The Hejaz Railway connects the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a number of stations inside the Jordanian territories that are rented by the Aqaba Railway Corporation starting Al-Abiad station passing through Al- Modawwarah station on the Jordanian-Saudi borders to reach Al Madinah Al Munawwarah.