Objectives | Jordan Hejaz Railway
  • Preserving the properties of the Jordan Hejaz Railway.
  • Investment in the moveable and immoveable properties of the Hejaz Railway to financially support the resources of the Corporation.
  • Maintenance and sustainability of the transport fleet and utilizing it as a traditional transporter.
  • Developing the infrastructure of the Hejaz Railway.
  • Producing qualified technical cadres to become the core for the functioning of the National Project for Railways.
  • Renovating the heritage buildings in the Corporation to become tourist attraction destinations.
  • Coordinating with all concerned stakeholders to locate the Corporation on the Jordanian tourism map.
  • Coordinating with all stakeholders to list the Corporation as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and register it within the UNESCO.
  • Working to develop the Museum.
  • Upgrading the performance of the Corporation by establishing the ideal environment for the staff and enhancing their skills technically and administratively to achieve job security.